"To think that legalization of marijuana or of any drug in the United States and Mexico is going to stop violence in Mexico is to ignore the root of our social illness. Violence is the result of economic exploitation, of poverty. Violence manufactures your very legal computer, your jeans, your shoes, your tv, your iPod. The blood of Mexicans is in your luxuries and in your vices, in your comfort, not in laws that preclude you from smoking your marijuana cigarette or sniffing your coke in public spaces. Blood and pain is in the tomato you eat, the flowers you send to your wife, the poultry you buy. Once marijuana is legalized, Mexican workers, like many other dark-skin human beings in the world, will still cater to your needs and wants and will be subjected to slave-like conditions so you can have the best pot at the best price."

Dr. Selfa Chew Ph.D. African American Studies Lecturer (via lostruth)

(Source: x-io-mar, via warloq)