Omega Sirius Moon - Warpt Love (2012)

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A reminder of this brazen black female autosexuality that the world wasn’t ready for.

yup! they wasn’t ready! this was/is my shit tho

Yes indeed!

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If you are a teacher or going to be… Watch this!!!

If you are not a teacher.. WATCH THIS!  

I love this and I am so glad someone put this into words.

Oh hell yeaaaaaaaaaaah, teachers in the house, represent!

Every since i was a kid, people who have known me would sing a song titled after my name. Normally it would be the one in west side story ( if i never hear that song again it will be too soon), and lately it’s been the Carlos Santana ( that was a little better, but eh). I never really cared for it, being in public and having people break out into song. I just never did anything for me, if anything it just made me uncomfortable of my song, and how it would be associated with me. That being said I think this is one of the few songs that I might be able to stand, it just gives me a good feeling and that makes me happy. 




Got a Girl Crush On: Solange’s cover of ‘I Could Fall in Love’ by Selena (and all is right in the world)

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i’m still jelly @fridathe13th is going to Solange’s concert

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TEDTalks: Bad-ass urban and community gardener Ron Finley describes the effects of environmental racism and neglect on his neighborhood in South Central LA. He also delves into the presence of food deserts, resistance against his planting, and the increasing need for alternative food. Fuck yeah, environmental justice.

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this is what heterophobia would look like if it was real. if you believe that heterophobia is a real thing that exists, please watch this because you will see that it simply doesn’t exist, that it never has and never will. 

tbh I think everyone should watch this anyway because it’s very clever and very powerful

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“Lilo and Stitch” 2002

Deleted Scene

Lilo plays a trick on the tourists.


I desperately need to understand



Was this scene cut from the movie??!!

Fucking christ, do you know what this would have done? What this would have meant to SO MANY people??  The truth of this is devastating. And to think it almost found it’s way into a DISNEY film??

The inclusion of this scene alone would have made it the greatest animated feature the company ever produced. Easily. And if you think that’s hyperbolic clearly you don’t understand.

No, really, if anyone knows why this was cut PLEASE let me know. 

oh man WHY WOULD they cut this, this is so great, holy MOLY

It was clearly something the crew was very reluctant to get rid of if it made it all the way to rough-clean (and in a few scenes clean!), fully inbetweened animation. That is like, thousands and thousands of dollars and weeks (months?!) of labour. Maybe a reluctant producer decided they would alienate their white middle-class American audiences by making them feel “too guilty” and pressed them to drop it? It’s unfortunate, it’s one of the most honest accounts of racism in a Disney movie (which is why it’s believable that someone got uncomfortable and made a case to get it chopped)

Designing entertainment by committee for maximum marketability is probably the most heartbreaking process in Hollywood.

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This looks fucking amazing and I cannot wait.

THE COLORS IN THIS HOLY SHIT. This looks BEAUTIFUL I can’t want to see more of it.

i have a boner

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Loretta Ross on the origin of the term “Woman of Color”

Loretta Ross: Y’all know where the term “women of color” came from?  Who can say that?  See, we’re bad at transmitting history.

In 1977, a group of Black women from Washington, DC, went to the National Women’s Conference, that [former President] Jimmy Carter gave $5million to have as part of the World Decade for Women.  There was a conference in Houston, TX.

This group of Black women carried into that conference something called “The Black Women’s Agenda” because the organizers of the conference—Bella Abzug, Ellie Smeal, and what have you—had put together a three-page “Minority Women’s Plank” in a 200-page document that these Black women thought was somewhat inadequate.

So they actually formed a group called Black Women’s Agenda to come [sic] to Houston with a Black women’s plan of action that they wanted the delegates to vote to substitute for the “Minority Women’s Plank that was in the proposed plan of action.

Well, a funny thing happened in Houston: when they took the Black Women’s Agenda to Houston, then all the rest of the “minority” women of color wanted to be included in the “Black Women’s Agenda.” Okay?

Well, [the Black women] agreed…but you could no longer call it the “Black Women’s Agenda.”  And it was in those negotiations in Houston [that] the term “women of color” was created.  Okay?

And they didn’t see it as a biological designation—you’re born Asian, you’re born Black, you’re born African American, whatever—but it is a solidarity definition, a commitment to work in collaboration with other oppressed women of color who have been “minoritized.”

Now, what’s happened in the 30 years since then is that people see it as biology now.

You know? Like, “Okay…” And peopleare saying they  don’t want to be defined as a woman of color: “I am Black, “I am Asian American”…and that’s fine. But why are you reducing a political designation to a biological destiny?

That’s what white supremacy wants you to do. And I think it’s a setback when we disintegrate as people of color around primitive ethnic claiming. Yes, we are Asian American, Native American, whatever, but the point is, when you choose to work with other people who are minoritized by oppression, you’ve lifted yourself out of that basic identity into another political being and another political space. And, unfortunately, so many times, people of color hear the term “people of color” from other white people that [PoCs} think white people created it instead of understanding that we self-named ourselves.  This is term that has a lot of power for us.

But we’ve done a poor-ass job of communicating that history so that people understand that power.

Transcript filched from Racialicious.

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The Secret of The Chancla

Latina moms share a traditional parenting technique: La Chancla. ¡Aguas! tiger moms

Why are Hispanic children so well-behaved?
The secret is Hispanic culture, which emphasizes boundaries, developmental growth and a traditional technique known as La Chancla.
For centuries, the secret of La Chancla has helped millions of Latina moms:
Focus attention to each child’s unique needs.
Instill values of fairness and fair play.
Encourage healthy eating habits.
Learn the discipline required to excel in academics.
Moral reasoning.
La Chancla can help every parent master a truly hands-off parenting style.

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Calle 13 - La Bala (by elvecindariocalle13)

Sería inaccesible el que alguien te mate,
si cada bala costara lo que cuesta un yate
tendrías que ahorrar todo tu salario,
Para ser un mercenario habría que ser millonario.
Pero no es así, se mata por montones.

Las balas son igual de baratas que los condones,
hay poca educación hay muchos cartuchos.
Cuando se lee poco se dispara mucho;
hay quienes asesinan y no dan la cara,
el rico da la orden y el pobre la dispara

No se necesitan balas para probar un punto,
es lógico, no se puede hablar con un difunto.
El dialogo destruye cualquier situación macabra
antes de usar balas disparo con palabras…

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This deep bass goes out to my neighbor.

Who I once checked on because I was pretty sure she fell and killed herself.

SPOILER ALERT: She didn’t.

I don’t know how I feel about this, because like all but one of these tools are in my apartment right now, and I know how to use 97% of them. 



“Gordita is a short film about a young, plus size Latina who reconnects with her lost confidence through the help of a cassette tape she recorded as a sassy, booty-shakin’ teen in 1994.

We all have moments of self doubt and depression, but sometimes remembering who we were before the pressures of adulthood consumed us helps us get out of our funk and realize our full potential.”

Man, I’ve been looking for this all frickin’ day!!

Enjoy, Tumblit@s! This is an amazing short. 

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